F l u t e  L e s s o n s

Lesson Payment Policies
Lesson Payments are due at the first lesson of each month for the entire month. This retains your time slot to guarantee you a lesson
Payment for the lesson is forfeit if you do not show up for the lesson unless it is for an emergency.
30 Minutes - $25 per lesson
1 hour - $40 per lesson
Required Materials
  • Spiral Notebook for assignments
  • All assigned music and method books
  • Flute (in working condition)
  • Metronome / Tuner (You can download FREE apps!)
Music Policy
All Solos and Method Books MUST be purchased by the student. Music can be ordered through me and payment can be attached to the next lesson payment.
Lesson Location
Lessons are taught out of my home studio in North Port. The studio is a totally open room with windows for walls and no doors. Parents, or students waiting for their lesson, have the option of enjoying the sun-room studio or enjoying the comfort of the living room located where you still have a full view of the lesson. You can also say hello to our dog, Pearl! :) 

Newly refurbished sun-room studio complete with newly painted floors! The door pictured is barred and locked permanently. The room is cleaned on a daily basis! 

Our dog Pearl is a  2 year old Terrier and Lhasa Apso mix. Here she is lazing around in her bed. Very docile!

Warning: Pearl's cuteness is absolutely distracting. She loves carrot sticks and blueberries! Check our her Facebook page by looking up Pearl Z. Evans (her full name)

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